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The Challenge

Whitminster International Limited based in Stafford, produces various types of industrial wipes and cleaning solutions for industrial, catering and healthcare use. The wipes are mostly produced under the Klenzeen brand name using non-woven materials which are either left dry or impregnated with various substances dependant on their use. This…

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Kerry Foods

The Challenge

Kerry Foods is located at Burton on Trent. The site makes a range of foodstuffs entailing the receipt, storage and handling of flammable ingredients.

The assessment undertaken was confined to the DSEAR risks associated with ammonia chillers in three plant rooms on the site.

The Solution Provided

Resulting in one site visit…

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Enesco Ltd

The challenge

Fine Ceramic Transfers are part of the Enesco Group Decor and carry out transfer print operations for a wide range of clients.  Their site in Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent incorporates mechanised print facilities for finishing of largely decorative products and involves use of some flammable materials – the site did not…

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