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Case Studies » Whitminster

The Challenge

Whitminster International Limited based in Stafford, produces various types of industrial wipes and cleaning solutions for industrial, catering and healthcare use. The wipes are mostly produced under the Klenzeen brand name using non-woven materials which are either left dry or impregnated with various substances dependant on their use. This range includes wipes used for welding containing 70-90% IPA and medical wipes containing 70% IPA. Flammable substances used routinely include IPA, IDA and other substances such as LPG. Solvents and LPG gas are obviously highly flammable.

The Solution

IPA and IDA are used in the processes to impregnate wipes, the areas where these substances were in use were surveyed to determine the likelihood of vapour levels reaching a concentration where an explosive atmosphere could form. The survey looked at ventilation, sources of ignition and housekeeping in order to determine the level of risk to the plant.

Some suggestions made were for fairly simple improvements to be introduced including for management to  improve spillage and housekeeping controls. Areas where equipment needed to be upgraded to meet the relevant ATEX standards was also identified.

On the filling lines it was identified that additional controls were needed to prevent vapours being released into the atmosphere ; again simple improvements were suggested.  Overall it was found that the site was low risk but some added controls were required such as improved static controls and ventilation controls.