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An explosion at a food processing plant in Arkansas, US injured three workers on October 15 and caused damage to the facility’s structure. The blast happened in a building used…

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                                Five people injured in fertiliser factory blast in New Zealand

Five workers were hospitalised after an explosion at a fertiliser factory in New Zealand on October 6. The blast happened in Dunedin on New Zealand’s south eastern coast at a…

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                                Five injured in explosion at sugar beet factory

Five workers were injured in an explosion on September 28 at a sugar beet processing plant in Idaho, US. The blast happened in the city of Nampa at a factory…

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                                Huge explosion' as fire rages at industrial unit in Kent

A large fire that broke out in an industrial building caused people to be evacuated from the nearby area.

One resident of Hoo Marina, close to the blaze on Vicarage Lane,…

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                                Explosion at Tilbury docks in July confirmed to be dust explosion

The Essex fire service has confirmed that a blast at a large grain store in Tilbury docks on July 3 was a dust explosion. The explosion blew the roof off…

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On August 14, part of the Sellafield site was evacuated after a “small quantity” of organic peroxide was discovered during a routine inspection of the Magnox Reprocessing Plant. Organic peroxide…

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