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Case Studies » Velindre NHS Trust

The Challenge

Velindre NHS Trust operates a large cancer treatment centre in Cardiff. As part of their internal audit system it was identified that DSEAR risks required assessment. Accordingly we visited site in August 2018 to carry out identification and careful examination of:

  • any dangerous substances that could lead to fire and explosion in the workplaces asses
  • the work activities involving those substances
  • the ways in which those substances and work activities could harm people

The Solution Provided

Typical hazards of a hospital environment were identified, including:

  • natural gas incomers and distribution to fired appliances
  • bulk medical gases storage an distribution
  • discrete portable medical gases storage and use
  • laboratory solvents storage and handling
  • workshop substances including paints, thinners, glues, aerosols, plus portable brazing sets
  • combustible dusts and collection systems

The above were duly assessed and compiled into a detailed report, encompassing:

  • Description of employers’ business
  • Identification and tabulation of hazardous substances characteristics
  • Review of DSEAR relevant utility, storage, maintenance and process operations
  • Hazardous Area Classification, including tables and dimensioned Zoning sketches
  • Equipment specifications for Zoned areas
  • Risk Assessment for fire and explosion risks, and prevention / mitigation measures to reduce risk SFAIRP
  • Prioritised recommendations table
  • Photo index

Further remote support was provided in respect of translating report recommendations into a practical corrective action plan, so as to demonstrate a path towards DSEAR compliance over the next 18 months.