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Case Studies » Vaillant UK

The challenge

Vaillant UK manufactures market leading gas fired boilers from its plant in Belper. Due to changes in operational leadership it was felt appropriate to gauge where the site stood as regards compliance with DSEAR 2002 as amended in June 2015. The site required as quick a response as possible as new processes were being introduced, and these required compliance verification, as well as general site DSEAR compliance risk assessment.

The Solution

Quick response and arrangement of two visits to site; one for a general DSEAR compliance benchmarking assessment; and one for carrying out ATEX/DSEAR verification for a new process line. Areas assessed included: • Mains gas and distribution for heating and processes; • Hydrogen gas as evolved during battery charging for forklifts; • Flammable compressed gases as used in processes and workshop activities; • Flammable liquids storage and use for the processes; • General workshop flammable solvents, thinners, paints and aerosols; • Corrosive substances; • Combustible dusts as used in the processes and collected in ventilation extract systems. In both cases turnaround from visits to final report was achieved in one month.