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Case Studies » University of Birmingham

The challenge

Birmingham university has a number of areas on campus that routinely use and store hazardous substances; these include mechanical and chemical engineering and science departments.

Some liquids and gases used are classified as flammable and could allow the formation of flammable or explosive mixtures; many areas did however have controls in place to limit the risks.

The solution provided

A detailed review of the University operations was undertaken and findings from each area were outlined in the DSEAR report provided to management.

Primary concerns were around the flammable gases and fuels used and what controls were in place to ensure safety is maintained to a suitable level. Some areas required DSEAR zones to be classified and these were identified in detail.

A number of recommendations were made; mainly in relation to gas safety controls that required improvement.

Many thanks for this detailed review we will look to address these actions in the priority suggested.

Dean Cross, Health and Safety Advisor (Hazardous Substances)