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Case Studies » United Feeds

The Challenge

United Feeds operates two sites in Northern Ireland, at Belfast docks and Dungannon. The sites operate near continuously producing mainly dairy feed for the NI dairy and beef industry.

We were awarded to contract to carry out DSEAR RA at both sites in 2017.

Hazards commonly encountered included dust from the intake, handling, storage and processing units on plant. Dust accumulations can lead to early failure of clogged and overheated equipment, plus accelerates wear on moving parts, which leads to loss of containment. Additionally if a small ignition occurs this can agitate dust deposits into a much larger volume dust cloud, and if this is ignited then serious, even catastrophic consequences may follow.

The Solution Provided

DSEAR risk assessment was carried out and identified the hazards, performed gap analysis and showed where the resultant risks were. A review of present control measures effectiveness demonstrated areas where further technical and organisational controls may be required, and were presented in a prioritised corrective action plan for each site.

Hazardous Area Classification tables and sketches showing where Zones exist were also provided.