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The challenge

The H&S team within the Unipart Eberspaecher, vehicle part manufacture units had recognised they had processes that fell within the DSEAR Regulations and requested a full survey of these areas to be undertaken. Unipart Eberspaecher manufactures and supply logistic services, automotive products and other transport components to a range of international clients across all sectors. Manufacturing at the Coventry site incorporates extensive furnace operations for brazing a number of specialist vehicle components.

Key concerns were that various hazardous substances were in frequent use across the site including flammable gasses to power furnace operations within two units and an external bulk Hydrogen storage arrangement. Hydrogen is highly reactive and can ignite easily.

The Solution provided

The DSEAR risk assessment evaluated the hazards associated with the specific operations within the facility; particular attention was paid to the furnace operations where potential ignition sources from static discharge, power supplies and hot surfaces could pose a risk.

The assessment included questioning key staff members about the processes undertaken and the control measures in place for furnace activities evaluated. Importantly this took into account the properties of hazardous substances involved, ignition controls, ventilation, maintenance and the management of particular plant areas where risk was potentially higher.

A full report was issued identifying suggested additional control measures with comments on specific topics and the requirement for hazardous area zoning arrangements. A number of improvements were also suggested for inclusion into the design of a number of furnace upgrades being considered.

This assessment has greatly assisted us with both managing what we have in place and for future designs; your help has been much appreciated.

Paul Freeman, SHE Manager

What Unipart Eberspacher said:

I recently required the services of your Consultants to fulfil our obligations in obtaining a DSEAR report. I fully endorse your company and highly recommend your services which I found to very professional and thorough. Working with ourselves step by step throughout the process we have learnt so much.

Paul Freeman
Unipart Eberspacher