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Case Studies » Terex GB (Omagh)

The challenge

Terex MP occupies a large industrial site on the outskirts of Omagh, County Tyrone. On site there are significant paint shop operations in the production areas and the majority of paints used were identified as flammable.

Based on information provided by the client substantial volumes of paints are used each week and a key component in these paints is Xylene; this gives off a flammable vapour that is heavier than air and will ignite readily unless well controlled.

The solution provided

The hazard evaluation undertaken was based on findings from a site survey, interviewing key personnel and a review of system and product data available.

Feedback in the detailed report identified to management the need to control electrostatic sources and to ensure a robust PPM system was in place.

The risk based approach used clearly identified the levels of risks and therefore the priority of the action needed. Improvement recommendations included changes to storage and ventilation.

DSEAR zone classifications were detailed in the report.

Your on-site advice and very clear report has been well received; many thanks for your help. Aidan Devlin, Health & Safety Officer