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Case Studies » Tecan

The Challenge

Tecan is a leading manufacturer of customised precision parts. A range of innovative, photolithography-based technologies enables highly accurate, burr and stress-free production. The business supplies to a range of industries including Pharmaceutical, Aerospace and Food.

The site at Tecan Road has developed over a number of years with a change of focus since 2002. The business activities on-site are split between 3 separate operations:

  • Etching which is 80% of the business (including the option of plating);
  • Stencils;
  • Micro structures (electro forming).

Within these processes a number of substances used needed to be assessed to determine the level of DSEAR risk for the site.

The Solution provided

The site review undertaken covered both DSEAR and Fire risks as part of a combined site risk assessment.

The survey found that a limited number of materials were in use that are classified as hazardous substances; however a small range of solvents and flammables gases were used. These present highly flammable hazards and require suitable controls to prevent a major event occurring at the site.

To ensure a full understanding of the  process arrangements was achieved our consultant worked closely with site management during the survey.

Generally the overall risks found were low but some improvements covered:

  • Maintenance of electrical panels;
  • Appropriate storage of highly flammable substances in process areas;
  • Risk assessment of all processes to ensure inappropriate activities are prevented;
  • Inspection by competent persons of the acetylene installations;
  • Development of robust isolation and PTW procedures;
  • Provision of suitable earthing points where transferring flammables materials between containers.

The survey assisted management to identify where hazardous zoning needed to be applied and provided an action plan to address both DSEAR and Fire risk control improvements.

What Tecan said:

I decided to use your DSEAR and Fire Assessments after receiving a very competitive quote considering the extent of the work involved. It was clear throughout the process that Martin was an experienced professional in this field who could assess us from an impartial perspective. The reports produced were well presented yet easy to understand and prioritised. I would not hesitate in using you again in the future.

Damian Finney