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Case Studies » Sulzer Dowding Mills - Birmingham

The challenge

In 2012, Sulzer Dowding & Mills group had decided to gain ISO 18001 accreditation across its business and part of this process identified the need to undertake a DSEAR risk assessment. Birmingham being the main site in the U.K. was picked as the first site to be audited.

Early in 2018 the site contacted MESH to review and update the site DSEAR assessment for what is its main site at Birmingham.

During its 100 year history the Company has grown from small beginnings and now employs over 200 personnel on its site in Birmingham where it provides a repair and rewind business. Specialising in electrical machines, motors and generators the repair and refurbishment operations include recoating parts through the use of varnish in a dipping process. Flammable gasses are also extensively used around the site for various processes including Propane and Acetylene.

The Solution provided

The Birmingham DSEAR risk assessment looked at all areas where hazardous substances were in use, the procedures that were in place to control risk and identified a number of improvements and recommendations where sources of ignition could be better controlled. Working closely with the site QESH team the business was able to complete the necessary works before the 18001 audit was undertaken.

The business was pleased with the service provided and have since commissioned us to complete a further 5 sites across the U.K. in 2013.

A very thorough DSEAR Assessment was completed at our site in Birmingham, the report was easy to understand so the actions could be completed. Thank you.

Michael Parker, Regional QESH Manager