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Case Studies » Signature Technicair

The Challenge

A visit was made to the Signature Technicair Bournemouth Airport facility in February 2020, to consider compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), incorporating Amendment 1: June 2015. At the site, Signature Technicair is a private company that refurbishes jets. Their aircraft maintenance services include engine overhaul and replacement, major and minor checks, avionics installations and refinishing of surfaces.As part of this the maintenance operations on site utilise flammable gases, liquids and bulk flammable storage.

The Solution provided

A key focus of the survey was to review the provision and suitability of ventilation and extraction across the various site operations and to identify where improvements were required. Further to this areas such as bulk storage, dispensing of materials and potential ignition sources such as by static ignition were explored and discussed in the report.

Certain areas of the site storage and process activities required Hazardous Area Classification and this was identified.

The report provided a clear to follow action plan with suggested timescales for completion that Signature Technicair could work to. Importantly the report covers all key parts of the DSEAR hierarchy of controls: reduction of quantities, minimisation of release, minimisation of hazardous areas through ventilation, minimisation of ignition sources, etc.