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Case Studies » R&R Ice Cream

The challenge

R & R Ice Cream Limited is a leading producer of frozen confectionery products for the European market and operates in several different locations. Their headquarters is based at the Leeming Bar site in North Yorkshire where they also have a manufacturing unit that produces both branded and own-label products.

The ingredients used at the Leeming Bar plant where ice-cream and similar confectionery is produced for numerous clients include various flammable and combustible powders. These include sugars which can form mixtures in air that become a fire or explosion risk; as such these are required to be risk assessed under the DSEAR Regulations. In addition to this type of hazard a large amount of anhydrous Ammonia is bulk stored and used on site. Although high concentrations of Ammonia are needed before it forms an explosive concentration in air and it is difficult to ignite at normal temperatures the risk cannot be entirely ruled out if there was a loss of containment in a semi-enclosed area.

The Solution provided

A full process hazard evaluation was based on survey of specific operations at the Leeming Bar site and consideration of arrangements outlined by staff in regard to control measures incorporated into plant activity. This review accounted for hazardous substance properties, ventilation and maintenance - plus management at all discrete parts of the plant.

The assessment helped to define hazardous process activities based around charging and mixing of specific product formulations within dedicated plant locations. Some products require processing steps such as filtration, pasteurisation and freezing - prior to dispensing into packaging containers.

All permanent equipment and machinery used in hazardous zones as assigned under DSEAR must meet strict requirements and be of appropriate category to comply with assigned classification. It is not just motors, lighting or switches that cause heat or sparks – but all associated pumps, hoses, extraction systems, cleaning kit, tools & probes etc. also require safety restrictions and must comply to strict specification / category to avoid incident. It is critical that electrical safety testing and earthing arrangements are effective as static too may be a source of fire.

The site survey identified risk areas and what hazardous zoning needed to be applied to the various areas across the site; all zoning was calculated using the relevant BSEN standards.

Key components of the risk assessment were simply summarised giving consideration of relevant operations, equipment, handling, storage and other process criteria as seen at the time of survey. From this an action plan for recommended improvements was presented to the business.

Your consultant did you credit as he arrived on site rolling up his sleeves and leaving nothing to chance when carrying out our DSEAR assessment. 

Nik Adams, Group Health & Safety Manager

What R&R Ice Cream said:

I used to describe all consultants regardless of their field of expertise as “managers” who did not want to get their feet wet! Martin and his team dispel this with their professional attitude, and the way they conduct themselves on site, a refreshing change. Your consultant arrived on site rolling up his sleeves and leaving nothing to chance when carrying out our DSEAR assessment. I would recommend their services……

Nik Adams
R&R Ice Cream