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Case Studies » Opsec Security

The challenge

A visit was made to the Washington, Tyne and Wear factory of OpSec to consider compliance in respect of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR). The DSEAR regulations came into force in the UK in 2003 and adopt a risk-based approach to protect personnel against fire and explosion hazard. This report covers the DSEAR assessment and hazardous area classification (HAC, also termed zoning) for a relocated waste solvent tank only.

DSEAR focus for this assessment was confined to transfer of mixed waste solvent between the indoor collection sump and the 18,000-litre horizontal cylindrical waste solvent tank located in a bund outdoors, storage of mixed solvent in the waste solvent tank and loading of road tankers of waste solvent.

The solution provided

An assessment of the relocated Waste Solvent Tank has been carried out in compliance with the DSEAR regulations 2002 and overall risk deemed acceptable, when some actions related to tanker loading are implemented.

These actions included areas such as:

  • Improving emergency response controls
  • Implemetation of hazardous area classifications identified in the report
  • Spillage containment
  • Signage and other procedural controls.

The above were clearly laid out in a detailed report for management to implement improvements in line with the priorities identified in the action plan.