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The Challenge

NV Tools, Brentwood, a small specialist automotive parts manufacturer, contacted MESH Safety after an HSE audit resulted in issue of an improvement notice requiring a suitable and sufficient risk assessment be carried out under the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

Accordingly, the manufacturing operation was visited in April 2017 to consider compliance in respect of DSEAR.

The DSEAR focus was primarily upon arrangements for the handling and use of flammable substances that may result in risk during the manufacturing operations for purpose-designed high precision assemblies. Other specific areas included chemical treatment and corrosive substances, compressed gases, flammable storage and other site service arrangements.

The solution provided

A range of processes involve the use of flammable liquids, gases and others have the potential to generate combustible/flammable dusts.

A full detailed analysis of the site operations was undertaken to determine where any potential DSEAR risks existed; this was clearly laid out in a comprehensive structured report format. The review looked at current operational practices and the control measures being applied and procedures the business was working to.

From the above, Hazardous Area Classification was confirmed and HAC diagrams provided to pictorially show the extent of the zones to be applied.

Risk assessment was carried out, highlighting relevant controls to reduce both severity and frequency of the risk scenarios.

From this a referenced table of recommendations were clearly laid out for the business to follow; these were prioritised to guide the business towards demonstrating a path to reduce risk SFAIRP, and satisfy the HSE that they were working towards full DSEAR compliance.

What NV Tools said:

I have reviewed the DSEAR RA, I am very happy with the quantity and quality of your work. James Bleakley - H&S Manager

James Bleakley
NV Tools