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Case Studies » Nazdar

The challenge

An independent survey of operations associated with the then recently built spray plant building at Nazdar Ink Technologies site in Stockport was undertaken in February 2012 at the request of senior management. The focus was to consider compliance in respect of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

Operations within the Knoll Works production plant include dispensing and mixing of flammable solvent / ink formulations plus filtering and charging into bulk containers or drums.

Additionally there was a range of solvent storage, handling and transfer equipment within the plant plus general cleaning equipment to be assessed.

The solution provided

Many of the printing materials in use at the site were classified as hazardous substances due to them having a significant flammable content. This is typical of printing ink and related materials.

Use of flammable solvents for ink dilution and equipment cleaning purposes was part of the routine on-site activities.

Overall, there did appear to be significant DSEAR hazards present down to inventory, storage and dispensing of hazardous substances – and fire is an inherent risk while routinely handling flammable materials.

A full site review was undertaken and key areas of risk were identified along with requirements for hazardous area classification. Management were provided with a detailed yet clearly laid out report of the risks present and the actions required to bring the site up to DSEAR compliance.