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Case Studies » Moy Park

The Challenge

Moy Park Ltd, Grantham plant has been food processing since 1982 . Hazardous activities in the process areas were based around the application of dry product; heating, cooking and cooling processes.

Other areas with potential DSEAR hazards included site storage facilities as a number of bulk storage tanks were used for holding of flammable materials – including gas cylinders and fuel storage vessels present on-site. These will generally incur some degree of fire & explosion risk unless ventilation and ignition controls are adequate.

The site was provided with dedicated processing, materials storage, workshop and utility areas along with laboratory, office and staff facilities. Many materials used in site operations are flammable and ventilation, pressure relief, automatic monitoring, containment measures and protection of electrics are DSEAR measures for consideration to maintain a safe environment.

The Solution Provided

There were a number of materials in use that are classified as hazardous substances including Ammonia gas; a full review of how these are handled, stored, equipment design and maintenance arrangements was completed.

Fires or explosion hazards arise when flammable vapour or liquid is released into areas where there may be an ignition source - for example dispensing materials where someone is using unprotected electrical equipment.

The detailed survey undertaken provided management with a detailed risk analysis of the operations, advice on hazardous zoning requirements and a detailed action plan to improve controls across the site.