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Case Studies » Metallic Elephant

The Challenge

Metallic Elephant Limited specialise in the production of high quality hotfoil print blocks for a wide range of clients requiring embossed finishes to pliable materials. The site visited in Essex incorporates specialist process and manufacturing facilities. There were several small scale process lines installed which utilised established chemical etching and print methodology in production of client-led artwork and unique finished products.

Whilst the operations were not particularly complex, process activity routinely involves a range of potentially hazardous substances. The DSEAR focus was primarily upon site operations and maintenance activity with potential for release of flammable vapours and combustible dusts.

The Solution Provided

A full detailed survey was completed working closely with the on-site management team; this survey highlighted that site operations routinely involve hazardous substances as defined under DSEAR and that additional controls should be considered.

The survey looked at the substances in use; many of which have vapours that are heavier-than-air and have the potential to build up at low level or travel along the ground to a source of ignition. Critical properties for key hazardous substances in use were clearly defined as part of the extensive report provided.

The report also looked at the site operational activities and the suitability of the controls in place in respect to managing potential DSEAR risks. A full Hazardous Area Classification was undertaken and representative drawings developed to clearly identify the extent of hazardous zoning to be applied.

The risk assessment reviewed all critical operations and identified the levels of risk as the operations stood. A key part of the report was to identify and prioritise the improvement actions identified to take the business forwards towards full DSEAR compliance.