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Case Studies » Kew

The challenge

Over several years, requests have been made by RBG Kew to consider compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) for the organisation’s sites at Kew Gardens, Richmond, London, and Wakehurst, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The sites are large parks with tree collections, woodland, lakes, formal gardens and operational, research and storage facilities.

The areas of focus within the two RBG sites were the utility areas, operational workshops and research laboratories.

There is storage and handling of flammable materials, with some significant handling of flammable liquid on-site from fuel dispensing systems. There are mains gas and bulk LPG supplies and fuel oil storage, and additionally agri-chemicals. Accumulation of some combustible / flammable materials, including waste were also considered when completing the DSEAR surveys.

The solution provided

Assessments of the sites were carried out in compliance with the DSEAR regulations 2002 as amended in June 2015 to include all compressed gases and corrosive substances.

Hazardous Area Classification was recorded for those areas where a flammable atmosphere may persist either briefly or for longer periods of time as outlined in the regulations – specifically those associated with extensive fuel handling on site. The key areas being the gas distribution, fuel storage, gas cylinder stores and flammable liquid stores.

A full review of all operations, operational controls and training was undertaken and feedback provided to the management team. The detailed reviews identified a number of improvement opportunities for the business. Many being discussed during the surveys and then subsequently added to the action plans issued as part of the DSEAR assessment reports.