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Case Studies » Interpet

The challenge

Interpet Ltd, Dorking has been producing products for the pet and aquatic trade on the Dorking site since 1987; in 2004 they became part of the Central Garden and Pet Group of companies. The assessment had been at the request of the Insurers.

Facilities at the Dorking plant include offices, laboratories, a production area and warehouse. Hazardous substances in use within production include a number of flammable solvents albeit in small quantities; IMS and Propan-2-ol (IPA) and some powders; the use of these flammable substances was the main focus of the DSEAR assessment. The survey did also include storage facilities and associated transfer pipework/LEV systems in or around main production plant.

The solution provided

Hazardous activities in the process mixing area were based around the blending of chemicals, mainly a dilution process using demineralised water. The chemicals are weighed out on a bench under extraction which is checked annually and once weighed out the chemicals are transferred via an ATEX rated pump from the plastic containers into a large, 1000litre capacity, stainless steel mixing vessel.

A key focus for the survey was the suitability of ventilation systems and whether sufficient controls of ignition sources were in place.

The report and assessment undertaken showed the business to be low risk and provided evidence of this to the Insurers.


What Interpet said:

We really appreciate your quick response this has helped satisfy our insurers and gives us confidence going forwards.

Sylvia Marsh