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Case Studies » Interconnector

The Challenge

Interconnector, at Bacton gas terminal operates a lower tier COMAH site, and required prompt assistance with a Hazardous Area Classification review after an audit.

The Interconnector pipeline stretches 235km. Over a metre in diameter, and operating at pressures up to 147 bar, the pipeline is a strategic energy link between the UK and continental Europe. The pipeline runs beneath the southern North Sea, connecting Bacton in the UK with Zeebrugge in Belgium, transporting up to a third of the UK’s gas supply to and from mainland Europe.

The Solution Provided

We were able to respond and mobilise quickly to site in order to survey the area and collate information. Subsequent analysis and review against standards helped clarify the required Hazardous Area Classification and confirm that present Zoning and extents were within acceptable limits.

Additionally, an on-going review and support programme of works for the site has been developed, in order to ensure continued compliance for this strategic operation.