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Case Studies » Integral - RAF Honnington

The challenge

An independent survey of the new LPG heating installation associated with the four additional HAS structures at RAF Honington IP31 1EE was undertaken in March 2013 at the request of the project manager of Integral UK ltd. This was to ensure legislative and MOD requirements were being met. The installations are located on the airbase typically in locations that are not highly populated. This stage of the project covers 4 HAS buildings where new LPG heating system installations are being added. Three of the HAS buildings were to be used for vehicle maintenance and the fourth as a training venue.

The solution provided

Fires or explosion hazards arise when vapours or liquids are released into areas where there may be an ignition source - for example LPG tank re-filling where someone is using unprotected electrical equipment. The tanks all hold up to 4000 litres and are unlikely to need re-filling too frequently.

It was not expected that the system will present any significant areas of concern where the operations are likely to generate flammable vapours locally – given the system has been well designed. However a primary control required inside each HAS is good ventilation.

Process hazard evaluation was based upon a review of the equipment design files and an inspection of the installations; on the time of the visit the system was not operational as it is awaiting sign off before use. However we were able to observe the system is operation at one of the previous phase installations.

The system design as per the previous phase includes a number of safety features to control the risks of an uncontrolled explosive atmosphere developing.