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Case Studies » Humiseal

The challenge

Humiseal Europe Limited were proposing to introduce a new layout and site arrangements at its production facility in Rye.

Humiseal Europe Limited is an integral part of Chase Electronic Coatings and has a unique role in the world of conformal coatings and provides ongoing development and manufacturing services to a wide array of clients. Increased demands for electronic components and reliability have resulted in a requirement for flexible product ranges and hence the use of numerous substances in either manufacture or laboratory operations.


The solution

It was found that a significant number of the materials likely to be used at the Rye site are hazardous. Indeed many of the substances are flammable and likely to form explosive mixtures in air.

Clearly from what was viewed this had been recognised upfront of the plant design and control measures had been incorporated throughout the process areas to limit risk.

A detailed review of the planned substances to be used was undertaken and advice provided on key issues such as containment, ventilation, procedural controls including emergency arrangements.