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Case Studies » Ferguson & Menzies

The challenge

A visit was made to Ferguson & Menzies Ltd. premises in Glasgow on 21st October 2014 to consider compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

Operations carried out on-site incorporate blending and dispensing of lubricants, oils and a range of specialist chemicals to suit client needs. It was found that key flammable components include D40 White Spirit, tri-Methylbenzene, solvent Naptha, and other solvents. These solvents provide the main DSEAR hazards for the site.

The solution provided

It was found that product formulations involve a range of substances and many are flammable – albeit some are ‘high- flashpoint materials’ and will not normally present a DSEAR hazard at ambient. However dangerous substances are integral to dispensing, mixing and filling operations on-site including flammable solvents.

We concluded that the worst-case scenario suggests that flammable dust / vapour is present and protection against ignition hazards was discussed at the time of the survey. Advice was provided covering unprotected electrics, portable equipment, static discharges & the use of hot torches. Additionally advice was given on the importance of adequate ventilation. Hazardous area classification was applied to higher-risk areas and a detailed assessment and action plan was presented in a full DSEAR report for management.