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Case Studies » EPR Eye

The Challenge

Energy Power Resources Limited (EPRL) operate several renewable energy plants within the UK including a purpose-built power station at Eye in Suffolk. The facility has been established for twenty years and incorporates large-scale consumption of biomass feedstock from commercial waste streams in the area. Routine plant operations allow for reception, handling and transfer of organic feedstock that may involve some exposure to hazardous substances – e.g. combustible feedstock materials may generate a flammable atmosphere under certain conditions. While the company have implemented measures to reduce the potential for incident, it is necessary to confirm the location and extent of any hazardous zones to support ongoing site safety.

The Solution provided

Significant hazard is associated with organic biomass fuel due to flammable properties and the level of residual dust deposits in some areas. Secondary explosion involving dust accumulations are often catastrophic and housekeeping needs to be thorough in fuel storage locations. A review of the management procedures in place to control such dusts identified a number of improvement opportunities the business should introduce and these were clearly laid out in the action plan provided.

The report included a review of where and to what extent hazardous zoning should be applied and the calculations and drawings to support this were included as part of the final report.