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Case Studies » Doppelmayr Cable Car UK

The Challenge:

Doppelmayr Cable Car, or DCC, based at Birmingham International Airport, operates two busy cable propelled automated passenger movement vehicles on an elevated trackway between the rail station and airport passenger terminal.

We were approached by them to provide a prompt DSEAR RA service to augment the findings from a recent FRA.

The Solution:

Hazards relating to potential fuels, ignition sources and routes to ignition were described in the in-depth RA, along with probabilities and consequences; which, as it was being discussed and carried out at the site, enabled the site team to put in place minor pragmatic corrective actions in order to reduce risk to well below tolerable levels.

The formal report was turned around and delivered promptly, and the client provided a much appreciated testimonial.

What Doppelmayr Cable Car UK said:

The speed of service and professionalism demonstrated by your company when carrying out a DSEAR RA for DCC was appreciated. The approach was straightforward and recommendations clear, giving us unambiguous direction on where we stood with DSEAR compliance and actions necessary to close any gaps. We would recommend this service to others.

Alan Kingsland
Doppelmayr Cable Car UK