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Case Studies » Devro (Scotland) Ltd

The challenge

An independent survey of operations associated with the Devro site in Moodiesburn was undertaken April 2012 at the request of senior management.

Plant facilities allow for the preparation of a range of food casings to suit a global client base. Process activities requires a number of portable gas cylinders and a bulk Ammonia tank to be present on-site.

Ammonia gas is a recognised flammable hazard; this is held in a large, dedicated external storage tank and piped into process areas.

The solution provided

Fires or explosion hazards arise when flammable vapour or liquid is released into areas where there may be an ignition source - for example dispensing materials where someone is using unprotected electrical equipment. Ammonia is difficult to ignite in air at normal temperatures and requires a high concentration to form an explosive mixture but this hazard cannot be ruled out entirely despite much lower levels causing a trip of the supply.

Overall, it was determined that no significant DSEAR hazards are likely during plant operations – though fire is an inherent risk while routinely handling flammables.

Evidence during survey confirmed a brief residence time for odours generated within the plant and with limited ignition sources and flow-rate controls, suggests flammable vapour is unlikely to be of sufficient concentration to support cause explosion in confined parts of machines.

The survey identified there was limited requirement for hazardous zoning but that the business could make a number of improvements to its controls; these were laid out in an easy to follow action plan for management to address.

What Devro (Scotland) Ltd said:

A great job your consultant really knows about DSEAR; his on-site advice has really helped us to understand what changes we need to make.

David McMorris
Devro (Scotland) Ltd