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Case Studies » Coventry Chemicals

The challenge

A visit was made to the Coventry Chemicals site near Siskin Drive on 22nd September 2015 to consider compliance in respect of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

Coventry Chemicals supply a comprehensive range of household cleaning and laundry products.

Activities carried out at the Woodhams Road site incorporate specialist ingredient mixing and packaging facilities along with multi-level storage and transfer infrastructure. The DSEAR focus was primarily upon site operations or maintenance activity with potential for the release of flammable dust, gas or vapour.

The solution provided

It was found that the site has a range of raw materials are potentially dangerous as defined under DSEAR. The main substance was Ipanol L which is made up of highly flammable Ethanol and Isopropanol (IPA) solvent and held in IBC’s. There were also a number of highly flammable compressed gases.

It was confirmed that mixing operations were carried out in purpose-designed vessels at ambient temperature and typically involves dilution of active materials in aqueous-based media. Our assessment considered all vessels and ancillary transfer systems or pipework that may contain flammable substances or generate a flammable atmosphere, however briefly.

The importance of appropriate ignition & pressure relief controls such as protected electrics (e.g. internal lighting) and earthing – plus appropriate sized & maintained relief vents (unless the vessel is open to atmosphere) was identified.

Hazardous area classification was applied to higher-risk areas and a detailed assessment and action plan was presented in a full DSEAR report for management.