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Case Studies » Bright Blue Foods

The challenge

An assessment of the Shadsworth & Blackburn sites of Bright Blue foods (BBF) was carried out in compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) 2002 in December 2015. DSEAR compliance is mandatory in law in the UK.

Due consideration of hazardous substances present and circumstances of handling in relation to ongoing storage and transfer operations were the focus of this DSEAR risk assessment - particularly those that may lead to fire and / or explosion. Importantly DSEAR requires a business to look at potential risks from the substances in use.

The solution provided

BBF produces a range of foods from a wide range of ingredients, many of which produce explosive dusts. The focus of the DSEAR for BBF is upon arrangements for transporting and processing of potentially explosive raw materials and equipment used to collect dust from the environment.

In addition there were fork lift truck battery charging facilities in the warehouse and flammable gases such as oxygen and acetylene used in the workshops.

In working with BBF, it is incumbent on us to provide relevant advice to minimise the impact from DSEAR substances. Recognised standards and guidance are then used in determining the appropriate status and extent of DSEAR hazardous zones. Significant findings from the risk assessment survey are recorded with recommendations to mitigate fire and explosion hazards or support best practice on-site.

A number of key actions were clearly identified for the business to address; including suitability of equipment for use in hazardous areas (including extraction filters) and explosion protection.