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Case Studies » Boys and Boden

The Challenge

Boys and Boden has its own factory producing stairs for the construction industry. An internal audit identified a requirement for DSEAR RA at site.

Hazards commonly encountered included dust from the CNC machinery on plant. Dust accumulations can lead to early failure of clogged and overheated equipment, plus accelerated wear on moving parts, which leads to loss of containment. Additionally if a small ignition occurs this can agitate dust deposits into a much larger volume dust cloud, and if this is ignited then serious, even catastrophic consequences may follow. A new central dust collection plant, designed to ATEX standards alleviated much of the concern around dust explosion risk.

Also, there was a spraybooth and associated paint mixing and storage, which presented an opportunity for improvement.

The Solution Provided

A visit was made to site and several hazard areas studied. As well as the dust and paint mist hazards, flammable gas and fuel were also identified.

A DSEAR risk assessment was carried out and described the hazards, performed gap analysis and showed where the resultant risks were. A review of present control measures effectiveness demonstrated areas where further technical and organisational controls may be required, and were presented in a prioritised corrective action plan for the site. Hazardous Area Classification tables and sketches showing where Zones exist were also provided.

The importance of avoidance of potentially explosive atmospheres by thorough housekeeping, and avoidance of ignition sources and earth bonding was highlighted.