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Case Studies » Bournemouth Airport

The Challenge

As a due diligence requirement, it was identified that a DSEAR risk assessment was required for the bulk aviation fuelling facility at Bournemouth Airport.

The facility stores and dispenses Avtur / Jet A1 for commercial jet aircraft and Avgas for piston engined aircraft.

The Solution Provided

The survey looked at the key DSEAR risk areas associated with Avtur and Avgas storage and dispensing, both around the bulk storage farm, and also the mobile fuelling equipment used at the aircraft. Each operation was considered in respect of process risk and potential hazards. The scope of the report provided to the client covered both operational and storage issues for the site.

Handling of hazardous substances at the site is typically within contained vessels and potential for formation of a flammable or explosive mixture in air was considered as potentially a possibility but with good controls applied should not present too many risks. Overall it was seen that process operations were well-stewarded with training delivered and purpose-designed equipment subject to periodic review.

From the survey it was clear that the key DSEAR risks for the site operations were mainly concerned with the dispensing of flammable liquids, and although there were a limited number of other materials, these were deemed to present limited risks in respect of DSEAR. Recognised standards and guidance were used in determining the appropriate status and extent of DSEAR hazardous zones for site operations. Significant findings from the survey were set out in the DSEAR report, along with recommendations to mitigate fire and explosion hazards and support best practice on-site.