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Case Studies » Big K

The challenge

Following regulator action, a visit was made to Big K Products UK Ltd., Stoke Ferry, on 7th April 2016 to consider compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR). They are the manufacturer of some of the leading brands of commercial and retail charcoal and wood products on the market. The site has undergone substantial production expansion, and operations are spread around several metal framed and sheet clad buildings, and the overall site footprint is approximately 6 acres, or 24,000m2. The buildings have a minimum separation of 10m in all directions from public highways and neighbours. There are also product storage, office, workshop and staff areas at the premises.

Hazards principally arose from combustible dust and the unique impregnation methods employed for production of charcoal. Secondary considerations around bulk flammable gas stores, bulk fuels, workshop solvents and battery charging were also to be considered.

The solution provided

As time was of the essence, ready mobilization to site was organized by the team. A full survey and review of operations across site was carried out , and the regulator’s correspondence discussed. From this, a comprehensive report was compiled, and pragmatic recommendations made that would allow the client to quickly implement, and demonstrate to the regulator that they were in compliance. Following issue of the DSEAR RA report, the regulator was satisfied that the basis of safety was in place and removed the sanctions.

What Big K said:

Just to let you know it was a pleasure to meet with Carl last week at Big K Products. We were very impressed with him, his knowledge and his professionalism.

Leah Bynoth
Big K