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Case Studies » Bartholomews

The Challenge

A visit was made to Bartholomew’s Limited at Chichester in July 2015 to consider compliance in respect of the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

The key risk activities for the site surround the seed processing plant; this plant incorporates systems for handling, cleaning and bagging of a wide variety of seeds including millet, maize, rape, wheat, peanuts and many others. The seed processes carried out involve combustible dusts and concerns surrounded the potential for release of fines generated during plant operations.

The solution provided

Seed dust is combustible & may add to fire and explosion hazards within confined plant particularly. Combustible dust properties require strict procedures and maintenance of key equipment to minimise life safety risk.

Adequate statutory checks are a critical requirement for relevant extraction, pressure systems and / or relief vents installed on-site. The safety of the operations relies heavily upon the operation of the dust handling system and the importance of PPM and inspection cannot be stressed highly enough.

With combustible dust it is also important to consider elevated temperatures and ensure that equipment in dusty areas is suitably rated.

A full review of plant operations, equipment and working procedures was undertaken to identify where potential hazardous zoning was needed and how and where sources of ignition could be removed. From the review a detailed report was presented to management with areas for improvement clearly identified in the action plan.