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Case Studies » Aircraft Research Association

The challenge

Aircraft Research Association Ltd. (or ARA) operates from purpose-built facilities at Manton Lane, Bedford.

As part of the site operations some powders used were known to be combustible and may generate a flammable atmosphere under certain conditions. Hence a risk assessment was undertaken April 2013


The solution provided

The AM facility has been purpose-designed to allow application of metal layers or coatings to small components associated with ongoing research operations at the site.

Each stage was considered in respect of process risk and potential hazards documented based upon survey findings. Based upon client feedback, working practice appeared to involve few operations that allow significant levels of flammable vapour or dust to escape the confines of process equipment and transfer systems.

However the survey did identify a number of improvements that should be introduced; including areas such as ventilation. These were presented to management in an action plan as part of the overall report.