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Case Studies » Pall - Industrial Hydraulics

The challenge

Pall Industrial Hydraulics operates from its facility at Cardrew Industrial Estate, Redruth.

In 2013 they were to move the Aerospace paint spray facility within the existing site. The survey undertaken on the 29th May looked at this planned change and reviewed progress against the 2011 DSEAR survey; additionally there was a discussion on the potential to install a bulk IPA supply.

The review what changes the business had introduced against the action plan from the 2011 survey looked at progress made by the business; pertaining to critical components, equipment and plant installation - plus an overview of relevant safety management systems.


The solution provided

Given the nature of operations, there are few opportunities to reduce or indeed eliminate hazardous substance – e.g. use higher flashpoint materials - and use of IPA is fundamental to site activities.

Based upon client feedback, working practice appeared to involve few operations that allow significant levels of flammable vapour to escape the confines of process equipment and transfer systems. There were generally good levels of ventilation designed into the various process areas which help to maintain a safe environment.

Although good progress had been made by the business there were a number of areas of improvement raised by the survey; additionally the planned changes would require further controls to be designed in. All of these points were presented in the report to management and included identification of hazardous zoning requirements.

What Pall - Industrial Hydraulics said:

Thanks for another comprehensive assessment and report; its great to work with down to earth consultants.

Paul Garland
Pall - Industrial Hydraulics