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Case Studies » NCS Group

The challenge

Norse Environmental Waste Services operate from purpose-built facilities at Dereham Road, Costessey Resource Recovery Park, Norwich. The site processes commercial and residential waste and which incorporates large-scale recycling of dry newsprint and paper products.

Site technology allows for handling and segregation of metal components during recycling operations though involves some exposure to hazardous substances contained in aerosols etc. Many of the materials handled are combustible and may generate a flammable atmosphere under certain conditions. Hence a risk assessment was undertaken May 2013. Following major site expansion this was revisited and updated in 2015.

The solution provided

The NCS Group facility in Costessey, Norwich has been designed to allow recycling of commercial and residential dry waste and currently handles ca. 90,000 tonnes of dry waste a year. Norse has extensive waste management expertise and has incorporated established process technology and purpose-built equipment in the plant layout.

Combustible dust is a significant hazard associated with dry recycling plant operations. Most paper, plastic or composite powders and dusts will readily ignite – and may present a risk of explosion. It is also inevitable that the mixed waste may contain some flammable substances. These add to risk – especially where they end up in baling equipment and are liberated as gas, vapour or mist.

A detailed review of all aspects of the operations was undertaken and a series of improvements to the existing controls were recommended along with a limited number of hazardous zoning requirements. These were all presented in an easy to follow report to enable management to quickly implement the actions.