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Case Studies » Ballast Phoenix

The challenge

MESH were engaged by Ballast Phoenix in 2017 to assist with determination of likelihood of ignition of IBAA (incinerator bottom ash aggregate) under certain storage conditions. Water quenched incinerator bottom ash (IBA) was conveyed from an adjacent incineration plant into the Ballast Phoenix facility, and dropped into a hopper thence the floor, and it was the flammability or otherwise due to chemical action in producing hydrogen gas that the client required assistance with.

The solution

Visiting the site and reviewing Environment Agency guidelines (M4 - ash sampling and analysis), along with the COSHH assessment sheets for IBA which state: Storage During maturation ammonia and hydrogen gases can be released in small quantities, particularly when the IBA is wet and has a high pH (12-14). Both IBA and IBAA should be stored and used only in well ventilated areas which will help it mature and allow any gas generated to escape.

Enabled sample calculations for a given range of variables to be carried out and the results presented along with conclusions to assist the client with their further storage and treatment options for IBAA.