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The challenge

A visit was made to Advanced Medical Solutions in the South West, in August 2015 to consider compliance with the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR).

It was found that routine laboratory operations involved potentially-hazardous substances, including highly flammable liquids.

The business was implementing process change and required guidance with how best to safely achieve this.

The solution provided

A detailed review of all operations involving the use of hazardous liquids and gases was undertaken; additionally the suitability of storage was also looked at.

From the survey and by establishing a close working relationship with key personnel a comprehensive assessment was completed and a report issued to identify hazardous zoning requirements and opportunities for improvement.

Further remote support to the client has helped to clarify a number of questions the business had, and ensured that they can move forwards with confidence of being compliant with DSEAR.

The Challenge

Advanced Medical Solutions (AMS) is located at Winsford in Cheshire.

The site develops and manufactures a range of wound care and wound closure products, some of which entail the receipt, storage and handling of flammable ingredients.

The business was implementing process change and required guidance with how best to safely achieve this.

The Solution Provided

Resulting in one site visit and report, opportunities for improvement around ventilation, prevention of potentially explosive atmospheres, avoidance of ignition sources, as well as protective measures, including technical and organisational aspects were identified.

Included in the reports, Hazardous Area Classification was clearly defined, HAC drawings created all of which was supported through a prioritised recommendations plan for inclusion into corrective action budgets going forward.

What Advanced Medical Solutions said:

Our business identified the importance of compliance with DSEAR and needed professional assistance so turned to MESH. They provided a comprehensive review of our laboratory operations and storage of flammables; from which a detailed report was issued. Their consultant provided prompt professional support to our questions and issued an action plan for our business to work with. We would recommend their services to others.

Matthew Biddle
Advanced Medical Solutions